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Bowties? Perfectly preppy or definitely dorky? Would your guy wear one? These adorabable specimens are from Xoelle, I love the patterns.


life according to celia... on 10:55 PM

my mister would never wear one. he thinks he's too cool...
his dad's going to be the best man at our wedding, so i bought him a vintage one and one for my nephew, the ring bearer. :)

Pencils on 9:13 AM

I like the plaid tie, but not the orange & red one. I think bow ties are attractive on the right sort of man. And totally adorable on little boys. However, my husband is not that sort of man. ;) I love the tie we chose for him to wear for our wedding, a lovely buttery yellow with a muted print. It still makes me smile whenever he wears it--which is rarely, he works in a lab and they're very casual.

AEO on 12:19 PM

My husband has two, and I love them on him!! He thinks they are fantastic (and he's quite preppy) and loves any excuse to wear them. I adore both of those above and will have to check them out! They would look great for a wedding we're going to this summer. He (alas) did not wear a bow tie to our wedding. The guys all wore Vineyard Vines ties instead (with seersucker pants and navy jackets.).

Banquet Manager on 8:53 PM

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miss brown on 9:57 PM

I adore bowties. I think they're the perfect mix of quirky, classy and I-wear-a-bowtie-and-love-fun. Unfortunately my father's been refusing to wear them since I was little.
Alas, it's now become a 'want' on the future husband list instead.

Melissa on 10:44 AM

I love a classic bow-tie! :)

Heather on 11:24 AM

These are fun!

Southend Wedding Photographer on 2:48 PM

Very novel

Mary on 8:45 AM

I think these are adorable! Not my favorite wedding attire, but my guy absolutley loves bowties! Love the post!