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fritts rosenow

Flowers not really your guy's thing? Fritts Rosenow has your back! I love these quirky bouts made from vintage toys, game pieces, guitar picks and a myriad of other odds and ends. Each one is made to order, and can be made to suit your man exactly!


Shari @ Pretty Chicky on 9:28 AM

These are so great! I think they may be my favorite.

Shakespeare's Bride on 9:54 AM

I so wish I had had that boat one for my husband. He's such an avid sailor. This would have been so much more him. I LOVE this idea

amanda on 2:25 PM

i like this alot. such a nice new twist on making a wedding a little more personal. quirky and fun.

Mirrored furniture on 4:15 PM

Cute bouts Very original!

Beach Weddings on 3:54 PM

A lot of brides are using these hair piecec for their Beach Wedding in Florida at Destin,Panama City Beach,Pensacola,Navarre,Miami,Fort Lauderdale weddings,Gulf Shores,Orange beach,They really look great in the sunlight.

Michelle Mospens @ My Personal Artist on 1:40 PM

I ADORE these boutonnieres!!! Thanks for posting them! May I add to my blog also? I will gladly credit YOU as the original poster. Thank you kindly in advance. :-)