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when I was little

When I was little, I used to fantasize that my wedding would be in a gothic cathedral, complete with gargoyles and turrets. I wanted an enormous corsetted dress made of the finest satin and lace. I wanted a veil 20 feet long, hand sewn by nuns in France. I wanted the ceremony delivered in high Latin, with priests swinging incense, and choir boys dressed in high collared robes to flank me on either side as I walked down the aisle alone, to the awe and astonishment of everyone I knew.
Needless to say, I might have watched Sleeping Beauty one too many times. I might have had a princess complex, actually no, I didn't. I didn't want to be princess, I wanted to be queen, and I wasn't looking for a wedding, but a coronation.
Flash forward twenty years, and needless to say, things have changed a little, and I'm only slightly disappointed to say that I have not fulfilled my childhood desires of becoming even remotely royal.
My wedding was nothing like what I've described here. There was no cathedral, no gargoyles, and not a priest or a choir boy in sight. What did remain of my lofty childhood notions was something very small, and very large at the same time, and that is the desire to show people something they haven't seen. Now, I'm aware that throwing a spectacular party isn't even remotely the reason we get married, I know that commiting your life to someone else's doesn't have to be glamorous to be spectacular. But that being said, I think there's great fun to be had in making your day as unique and creative as you can.
Now that I've entered into this wedding industry, I'm constantly thinking of new ways to be different and creative with weddings and receptions and parties in general. I'm devoting this blog to that little notion.


Miss D on 9:14 PM

I simply love your blog, I spent my whole night reading all your posts till I came to the end and I read this great story from when you were a little girls. Congratulations for your blog.
Love from Spain