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pre-ordained...(on the internet)

I always thought it was a great idea to have a friend or a family member perform your wedding. However, I was always under the impression it was hard to do and tricky to line up all the paper work. Come to find out, this isn't so much the case. In fact, according to Rose Ministries (a non-denominational online ordination service), anyone can become ordained online and perform a wedding ceremony. There are a few instances where additional documents are required, such as in NYC, where you must file with the city as a wedding officiant before performing any ceremonies. Rose Ministries does recommend that you check with the county clerk's office where you'll be performing the ceremony, but assures that it is legal and completely doable in every state. They give an informative listing of requirements by state here, and they offer standard ordinations for about 30.00. You'll even get an official 'clergy member' card, (which, once received, means you have to stop saying things like: holy crap, holy sh*t, holy cow, Jesus Christ!, jeez, ohmigod, or jeebus). As you can see, I myself have never been ordained, and therefore would love to hear from someone who has gone thru the process.