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custom engagement rings

colored engagement rings are becoming more and more popular, but they can be so hard to find! If you're looking for a colored, then congratulations to you. If you and your fiance are feeling less than excited about dropping 30,000 dollars on a colored diamond, think about getting something custom made with a precious or semi-precious stone. It can be surprisingly affordable. Above, this 2.6 carat aquamarine set is set in platinum with two small diamonds. Setting by Maressa Tosto Merwarth of Carla Bijouterie in Ithaca, NY. Stone selection by James and Co. of Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, who has the most fantastic array of colored precious and semi-precious loose stones for a huge range of prices. Choosing can be difficult, but it beats the hit or miss of shopping for pre-made rings! Compared to the price of a diamond engagement ring, custom settings with colored stones can save you a lot of money, (like buy a small used car with the savings, a lot).


JessicaMay on 10:06 PM

I have a beautiful ceylon medium blue sapphire engagement ring. My fiance and I designed it with the help of a jeweler my parents have used for years. It's set in white gold with two dainty princess cut diamonds on the side for extra shiny-ness-osity, and it has a groove on both sides of the ring. It's beautiful, I love love love it, and it cost only 600 dollars (which was the most we could afford and still be able to move cross country). One thing to consider: stones like aquamarine or tanzanite can be too fragile to wear every day and not expect some damage. However, sapphires come in every color of the rainbow (except the red ones are called rubies :D ). Colores sapphires are your best bet because they're have a Mohs hardness scale of 9, which is really good for engagement rings. Just a thought.

Mackenzie on 11:18 PM

I have an aquamarine engagement ring, and have found it to be perfectly resilent enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. I never take it off, and it looks like new 3 years later. While sapphires are a little harder, I'd say that if you really like the looks of an aqua, don't hesitate because of the hardness. All manner of nasty things have happened to mine... by accident of course, but it still looks like new!

JessicaMay on 2:29 PM

That's awesome, maybe my jeweler was a little too cautious then! I love the look of aquamarine. We actually took in one of the necklaces my grandmother left me when she passed away, and said "this is the blue that we want." The jeweler matched it EXACTLY. I love colored rings--I think they get more attention, and they're different enough to be noticed, but still fancy.

Pixie on 12:21 AM

There is an awesome jeweler on Etsy who specializes in colored stone erings and wrings. Her shop is:

I have one of her rings that I got for myself and it is gorgeous! Smokey Topaz and diamonds. I love it!